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Trends of Bluetooth Audio Device in 2019


Since the smartphone has let us to enter the era of mobile internet, though there are several merchandise like good glasses, VR, driverless cars, good speakers, good Bluetooth headsets, etc.

But in fact, after the smartphone, Bluetooth headset has become the most popular market!

Especially from the birth of Bluetooth 5.0 technology popularization conversational AI artificial intelligence platform, Bluetooth headset has become the best and most mature product in the technology industry.


In 2018, Apple AirPods remains not updated, however in 2018 alternative players square measure urgently chasing, and also the field is filled with smoke.

Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Meizu, Sony, Honor, and lots of alternative transportable makers have additionally followed suit, and have come back up with their own TWS true wireless telephone receiver merchandise, and each has its own characteristics.


In 2019, with the discharge of the new wave at the start of the year, the Bluetooth telephone receiver is close to commencing a brand new spherical of replacement. currently, let's take a glance at what might happen during this field in 2019.

First, Apple

Representative products: AirPods

The foreign media authoritative report shows that the sales of AirPods will exceed 50 million in 2019. This is not a promising accessory product at the time of release. The strength and sales volume will become the most popular Apple products after the iPad.

Second, Huawei

Representative works: FreeBuds 2/Pro

Huawei's products and services cover more than 170 countries and serve one-third of the world's population. In 2016, global smartphone shipments ranked third. Consumer business is one of Huawei's three major businesses, and its products cover mobile phones and personal computers. And tablets, smart wearables, mobile broadband terminals, home terminals and terminal clouds.

At the beginning of 2018, Huawei's P20 mobile phone was successfully launched, followed by a high-definition Bluetooth audio transmission standard -- HWA. The full name of HWA is Hi-Res Wireless Audio. 

Third, Xiaomi

Representative products: Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Air, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth Edition

At the MIDC 2018 Xiaomi AloT Developer Conference, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi's special acoustic standard laboratory project, which has already been recognized by partners such as NUANCE, Beijing Shengzhi Technology, Xiansheng Internet, Beijing Smart Butler Technology, VOICE, and General Microelectronics. .

In 2018, Xiaomi brought us two TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets, Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air and Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset AirDots Youth Edition.

The biggest feature of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset Air is that it supports active noise reduction, and the primary and secondary ears can be switched freely and can be used independently.

And Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots youth version, using the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connection, both headphones support Xiao Ai classmates self-powered voice assistant. 

Fourth, Samsung

Representative products: Galaxy Icon X series, Galaxy Buds,

In 2019, the first to bring us TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset is Samsung!

Samsung will hold a Galaxy UnPacked conference in the near future. In addition to the Galaxy S10, Samsung will also bring the new Galaxy Buds TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset. 


In 2019, the TWS Bluetooth headset market will gradually form a pattern of global mobile phone manufacturers entering the market, traditional audio manufacturers will do their best, and new audio manufacturers will try to catch up.

The advantage of the TWS headsets introduced by major mobile phone manufacturers is that they can form an echo with their own mobile phone products, and the compatibility of various functions is also in place.

The advantage of traditional audio manufacturers is that the tuning and optimization of audio is often superior in audio performance.

The new audio manufacturers are not afraid of the original market share, using novel marketing and product strategies to catch up, together with the TWS true wireless headset market.

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